Enigma Wood Sticks
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In response to the numerous inquiries asking if we could please sell the wooden box we use for our Open Enigma, we decided to make it available in a kit and in a assembled unit.

This is the wood box kit ready for you to put together before you can encase your assembled Enigma Mark 4 kit. Please watch the 45 minutes assembly instructions video before you decide to order to make sure you have the tools, the time and the skills and to avoid any disappointment in your assembled box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=texurZ_-IO8

You get both the pieces for the Internal Box and External Box complete with the 2 hinges, the half-mortise lock and key and the leather handle plus 2 Enigma logos and screws.

You will need to mortise for both hinges and the half mortise lock. Picture above shows flop with mortised lock to give idea of what is expected/possible. Then the pieces will need final sanding and you may want to spray your assembled box with multiple coats of acrylic lacquer and then drill to receive your top plate.

Depending on availability, you can possibly order the box kit in Oak or Cherry.

Enquire before you order to see what wood or box kits we have in stock and get a time estimate for shipping.

These take a fair amount (on our part) of time/labor/love to split, plane, rip, sand, finger-joint, cross-cut, tongue & groove, route, and mortise so please be patient... If you want the box to perfectly close (no gap), you will need to mortise the hinges and if you want it to lock, you will need to half-mortise the lock, then you may need to sand again, then glue, tweak and finish with multiple coats of acrylic... 

Remember this is a natural wood product and may vary from the pictures above requiring more effort to finish as an assembled Enigma.


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Enigma Wood Sticks

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