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This Open Source Enigma Replica product is exactly like our kit, but we have taken the time to solder, assemble, program & test it ourselves.


It includes everything that comes in a kit (listed below), but all components are already in place & tested. It provides software only plugboard functionality. No plugboard included.


This is the best option for those that want the immediate use of our Open Source Enigma Replica but don't want to assemble it & are willing to build their own box.


Essentially, it is like our boxed Enigma without the wood box & the hardware that goes with the box. No Acrylic or wood box provided. Electronics Only.


1Motherboard PCB
1Daughter Card PCB
1Arduino Mega2560 Clone
416Segment Displays LTP587
26White LEDs for Lampfield
5Red LEDs 5mm for Modes
36Pushbuttons 12mm x 12mm x 11mm
230 Female Header Pins
330 Male Header Pins
118 Double Male Header Pins
1On/Off/On Switch
38Resistors 470 Ohms
37Resistors 1K Ohms
4Resistors 10K Ohms
7IRF9Z24N P-Channel MOSFET
1Battery Holder
1Battery Pair Li-Poly 3.7V 18650
1Battery Connector
1Battery Charger 8.4V
     1Perforated Top Plate
1Wood Box
1Half-Mortise Lock
26Banana Jacks Dual
20Banana Plugs Dual

Enigma Assembled Kit

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