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This Open Source Enigma Replica product is exactly like our Plugged kit, but we have taken the time to solder, assemble, program & test it ourselves.


It includes everything that comes in a plugged kit (listed below), but all components are already in place & tested. This provides full plugboard functionality.


This is the best option for those that want the immediate use of our Open Source Enigma Replica but don't want to assemble it & are willing to build their own box.


Essentially, it is like our boxed Enigma without the wood box & the hardware that goes with the box. 


1Motherboard PCB
1Daughter Card PCB & 1 Plugboard PCB
1Arduino Mega2560 Clone
416Segment Displays LTP587
26White LEDs for Lampfield
5Red LEDs 5mm for Modes
36Pushbuttons 12mm x 12mm x 11mm
230 Female Header Pins
330 Male Header Pins
118 Double Male Header Pins
1On/Off/On Switch
38Resistors 470 Ohms
37Resistors 1K Ohms
31Resistors 10K Ohms
7IRF9Z24N P-Channel MOSFET
1Battery Holder
6AA Batteries
1Battery Connector

Perforated Top Plate & Plugboard Plate

20 Banana Plugs
26 Banana Jacks Dual
1 Wood Box
1 Hinge
1 Half-Mortise Lock

Enigma Assembled Plugged

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