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This kit comes complete with both PCBs providing software ONLY plugboard functionality. This kit was created as a Kickstarter request with the very minimal components.


This Kit includes the very minimum of Electronic components that are required to make an Enigma similar to the one pictured above. It does NOT include the Arduino Mega, batteries, battery holder, battery connector, charger, laser cut/engraved top plate or alpha labels. You supply your own 9 Volt battery.


No wood is included.


1Motherboard PCB1Daughter Card PCB 416Segment Display LTP58726White LEDs for Lampfield5Red LEDs 5mm for Modes36Pushbuttons 12mm x 12mm w Black Cap230 Female Header Pins330 Male Header Pins118 Double Wide Male Header Pins1On/Off/On Switch38Resistors 470 Ohms37Resistors 1K Ohms31Resistors 10K Ohms7IRF9ZX4N P-Channel MOSFET

Enigma Barebones Kit

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