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This kit comes complete with all 3 PCBs providing full plugboard functionality. This has been made possible by our Kickstsrter stretch goal being reached.


This Kit includes all the Electronic components that are required to make an Enigma similar to the one pictured above. This kit also includes the plugboard front plate, along with 26 Jacks (female connectors), 20 Plugs (2 male connectors per patch jumper, for 10 jumpers like German supplied Enigmas) and over 80 inches of black cloth covered (Steampunk) wire.


No wood is included.


Refer to picture above to see what an assembled kit could look like. 

1Motherboard PCB
1Daughter Card PCB & 1 Plugboard PCB
1Arduino Mega2560 Clone with USB cable
416Segment Display LTP587
26White LEDs for Lampfield
5Red LEDs 5mm for Modes
36Pushbuttons 12mm x 12mm w Black Cap
230 Female Header Pins
330 Male Header Pins
218 Double Wide Male Header Pins
1On/Off/On Switch
38Resistors 470 Ohms
37Resistors 1K Ohms
31Resistors 10K Ohms
1Six AA Battery Holder
6AA batteries
1Battery Connector
2Enigma Logo
1Perforated Top Plate
126 Keyboard Stickers Set
1Plugboard Plate
26Banana Jacks Single
20Banana Plugs Single
1Cloth Covered Wire 80"
1Wood Box
1Half-Mortise Lock

Enigma Kit Plugged

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